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why does henry not study?

he just goes to echa to play league



one more week. & im out. :D
winter formal 2012 with thersa, morgan & chyrra. 
there is life around us. 

went with rybear, eunice, phoebe, samuel & boaz. (y) dang…2 hour car ride there was not fun. my lil’ cousin had to change into her diaper….& it wasn’t a pretty sight for our eyes. LOL. samuel kept poking me the whole way through…so no sleep (y) taunted jasmine through text about how she couldn’t come hahahahah! the line ups weren’t too bad…only about 20 min each so it was decent. 

eunie & phoebs wouldn’t go on the “extreme” rides with us….lame…. quite entertaining to watch sam scream like a girl on the windseeker…gg bro. LOL. just the best luck…i always somehow get wet on these water rides while all my other friends are as dry as ducks? lol bad comparison. but yeah….sorry boaz….it was your fault for sitting next to me on the white water canyon. keke. :P 

particular moments i wish i could relive ….. ;3

when we got to the waterpark…there was a huge line to get mats. so we lined up to get them and that took about 45 min….right after we got them…a thunderstorm popped up….(y) so it was closed for about 30 min….we prayed & God answered our prayers!! Hallelujah! :D 

went on the Behemoth & Leviathan with rybear, boaz & sammy at night. ^__^ because eunice and phoebe were too scared…..honestly, it was quite relaxing….after waiting about an hour for each of those rides. 

overall…awesome night & i couldnt be more grateful to be able to go. Lord, I thank you. <3

belated birthday (: august 5th

ahah, awe…my sweet sweet friends planned this awesome “not-so surprise” party for me. aaaah. <3 well…yeah…apparently they all met up & made me these creative prezzies & cake. 

Patty + Sam…made me a “milk bag” dress since I always taunt them about milk in bags in Ontario. Thea made me this delicious cake….omg….i  want more :’) LOL.

After service…I saw Pat sneaking around the washroom…..obviously hiding something from me….LOL then everyone wouldnt let me into the washroom. o_o loool…so fishy. hahaha i came back out of the nursery for a while and then everyone came out with the cake and my presents. :’) awe. They made me the milk bag dress and an ALDO bag wrapped in milk bags hahahahahahahhahahaahha! ily guys. :* 

Afterwards, Albert, Pat, Ryan & I went out for sushiiiiii. :DDD Then we all met up with Thea & Sam for bubble tea. keke…played cards for a good 2 hours at the bubble tea place…SPOOONS & TRUTH OR DARE mixed. ;D i kept losing :(